Slanted Tendency Media is a new, adult-oriented multi-media company founded and run by a queer woman of color porn star named Trick. The first major venture is slantedtendency.com, a  streaming video site featuring innovative, exclusive and original pornographic entertainment produced by and featuring gay/bi/trans/intersex people of color. The website launched an international public beta during the month of October, 2012. The company is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Our mission is also our passion. We are all about creating content, marketing programs and promotional events that reach, serve and feature under served audiences. Slanted Tendency Media is an inclusive brand that wants to turn on the widest possible audience of adult entertainment consumers while also maintaining the integrity of our core mission and values. As such, all content, marketing and promotional efforts created by or on behalf of Slanted Tendency should be true to an aesthetic that celebrates, features and educates gay/bi/trans/intersex people of color.

We focus on creating original adult entertainment that is smarter, richer and wholly inclusive of the sexual desires and pursuits of our core fans. Production values will emphasize quality original music, engaging back story, physical chemistry and depictions of genuine sexual connectedness. No matter the fetish or fantasy, we believe sex is a vital expression of our collective humanity and are proud to produce content that is fun, frisky and unapologetically erotic.

We plan to have fun doing what we do and will constantly engage, empower and play with the Slanted Tendency community. We want to super-serve an audience that is currently grossly under served while also encouraging our fans to be a fully engaged participants in our growth and success. As such, two-way communication will be an integral part of all marketing, promotional and social media activities. 

Ultimately, our goal is to create a vibrant, innovative and progressive media company that audiences will embrace and employees will love to work for. To this end, it is the mission of Slanted Tendency Media to educate as well as entertain, to remain a positive force for progressive social change within the gay/bi/trans/intersex community as well as the greater global community and to celebrate the full spectrum of our sexuality.