October 3, 2013

Steamy, Creamy Emails

I have sexual chemistry with my porn stars on film. I also have mad amounts of sexual chemistry with off screen lovers. Some of these lovers and I felt compelled to write to each other, infusing the words and intention behind these words with the same amount of gratification, joy, creativity, and inspiration that we shared during our play. One such lover is a truly talented wordsmith. We took our time writing our emails and let them steep, unread in the inbox until we had the time to sit, sip, ponder, and create a worthy reply. The time we shared in person was limited because we were long distance lovers. Sending and receiving our words kept the memories fresh and pressurized the longing until another orgasmic explosion could be had in person. Here is the beginning of our torrid email affair, my lovers lines in red while I write in blue. ~Trick

Damn Near Purrrfect
By Crème de Vie and Trick

You are chocolate luscious life in motion. Mind full and musical
Moments I had dreamt of but no doubt 
Were better in waking
You are magick
Thank you
& the dream lives on...

still living in the moment 
watching you try to contain & constrain
whispering on the phone  "can you hear me now?"
over and over and over
softer then softer
while I trace the trim around your shorts with my fingers.
I look forward to hearing your moan again
and wondering just how much surrender you'll give?

Chemistry is alkemical
From metal to gold 
kesmetic ancient 
This pussy sacred like the pyramids
There is strength in surrender
Surrender her
Bend her

Right the desires 
that not have been fulfilled
to be balanced again.
I'll take only what you give
maybe just a little more...
as I lead the way
and follow your sacred
elements into
undeniable passion

No fuck it
Don't breathe
Hold it in
Turn inside out
I is
Wild winds
Wet skin
Keep holding it in
Blowing a sticky hymm
Golden licking grin

I'll get my groove on. Right after your groove has no more walls. 
I enjoy when you say fuck. dirty mouthed girl. say it again.

glad you get me
I do...
mean it...
every word...
& agian
you kinda, sorta got me a little twisted
tangled legs
and cherry stems
black berry vines
and curly hair
arms intertwined
in truth or dare
you got me there
you paint visual with the sensual
woven tapestry of fantasy
tangible textiles
that feel almost unmanageable
If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up
I think I'm drunk
stuck in a loop
of I see you peekaboo
strutting down the street
pussy on the catwalk
cause I feel your heat
you don't even have to speak
knees weak heart pound
I stay down on all fours on all floors
the color
because that is how deep it gets
sweat drops like rain pours
on hot springs
you humidify all immediate areas
are you for real?
don't you dare answer
I don't care
this shit right here...
this shit right here?.?.?.?

is damn near purrrfect