March 29, 2013

Q&A about our Black Gloves

We do have one question...why black gloves? They appear to be rubber gloves. Is it a form of protection? Forgive our ignorance!! -CR

That's a great question CR! We use black nitrile gloves in our movies. They are sexier than white gloves and they are not made of latex. Many people are allergic to latex gloves, condoms, and dental dams. There are non-latex options such as vinyl and nitrile  which are both powder free and hypoallergenic. Nitrile gloves are skin tight unlike vinyl gloves. While there are arguments about how penetration with a hand is low risk behavior, we consider the health of our models top priority and prefer to be a zero to low risk example for everyone. We're happy you asked and are glad to answer any questions! 

~The Slanted Tendency Crew